Everybody wants to know how to build better relationships. Why is something everybody desires so very hard to find, create or maintain? Obviously, the way we communicate plays a huge role in the satisfaction we feel in our relationships. Additionally, there are some fundamental ideas that just plain make a difference in how we relate to each other and the world around us. Here, I’m writing about what I discover as I explore the world of relationship and how I can help myself do relationship better.

Wednesday, September 20, 2045

Building Better Relationships Matters

Unless you live alone in a cave in the Himalayas, you interact with people every day of your life. Everyone knows how important relationship building skills are. We all want to create better relationships and we all know how much the quality and satisfaction we feel with our current relationships matters. Most of us have felt the pain of relationships going sour and dysfunctional at some point in our lives and NEVER want to do that again. In these pages I'm writing about the ideas and practices that help create beautiful, satisfying relationships. We all want it; let's all work together to create it.

We can create connections that work. We can improve the connections we have. We can and we must.

Even if we are experiencing a hurtful or dysfunctional relationship, the more we understand interpersonal dynamics the better we can either deal or walk away and start over.  If you can't walk away, then learning better coping skills really helps. I know it's not easy. I've been there. But having been there, I also know we can do better. Doing better personally can change the dynamic or at least clarify your best options regardless of your circumstances. Even when our exterior situation sucks, we can improve the quality of our relationship to ourselves; and trust me, that makes all the difference in the world. It changes everything for the better. To love and accept yourself is the most important relationship of all. We can do this. We can.

Building Better Relationships Matters

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